What I do & why!

My first exposure to pocket knives came to me while working on a tobacco plantation in South Georgia. The owner of the plantation handed me his big two bladed folding hunter and asked if I could sharpen it. I sat under a tree with a whet rock and spit and went to work. Soon afterwards I was the proud owner of a one dollar barlow.

Years later I decided to try and make a knife. The blade and back-spring were made from an animal trap. The bolsters were made from the brass found in a motor. The liner and pins were obtained from the local hardware store. With a hacksaw and file I managed to make a functional knife. Twenty-five years later I am still making them.

From these experiences come my philosophy. Practice makes the parts go together. Enjoying what you do makes the knife.

Knives are shipped in a protective fabric or vinyl zipper pouch | Shipping: USPS flat rate & insured